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Sincerely, Jazmin Grimaldi 

Jazmin aims to continue to focus on programming for the new 'Naidi art focused' Community Hall to make it the best it can be. She wants to have a strong and thriving first project before moving onto another, so that a solid template can be made. To start, Naidi village has developed a community that watches over the instruments and books and will hold a reading and music learning session every Saturday, for children and adults to learn how to read music and learn a new song to hopefully perform in the hall at the concert monthly. She hopes to continue the programs established on this last visit in September 2018; Such as the concert, local artist workshops, music and reading committee on Saturdays, relationships with resorts to teach others about the culture through Meke dance and also provide income to the villagers in selling their unique goods and handicrafts providing the LOCAL FIJIANs direct income and sustainability. 


 The Jazmin Fund, alongside NGF and Caukin plan to continue to work together on projects, they even scouted a few new potential projects at local schools in need to help build an outdoor auditorium, a new special needs school, and neighboring villages in need of rain entrapment systems for fresh drinking water. 

A message from the founder, Jazmin Grimaldi: 

Fiji has remained in my heart since my first visit 12 years ago, I have continued to feel connected especially with the people of Savu Savu. Hence my desire to return this year to launch The Jazmin Funds newest initiative. My heart is filled every time I receive a smile or even a quick Bula (hello in Fijian). 


On my first visit to Fiji I was surprised because I knew genuine kindness existed in the world but I never fully experienced such a pure form of kindness and generosity from a community of people like in Fiji. Fijians are truly the most welcoming people, with no ill intentions, so eager to learn and share and no matter your race, gender, color there is no discrimination or ulterior motives. This truly makes Fiji special and they have attributes the whole world needs. 


Fiji was an unexpected gift, a trip that truly changed my life for the better and a place that I could never forget and knew I would return to. The people of Fiji have an innate ability to touch lives and I feel I have a responsibility with my voice and platform to give them a gift in return. I hope by continuing my work with the Jazmin Fund that we help spread the good word of Fiji. Fiji may be one of the most beautiful destinations on earth but one may never know that the tiny remote country is in need of extreme aid as well. The whole world is in need but we can try to do our part to make the world a better place ONE at a TIME.   

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